Corporate Governance Framework - Structuring organisation through good governance

The rising fear of corporate failure and mis-governance has put pressure on management and boards globally to reinvent strategies aimed at strengthening corporate governance. It is imperative for management to improve and expedite the organisation‘s effectiveness. Most often there exists a dichotomy between the staff and management in some organizations, which sometimes leads to conflicts and discord within the organization. Also, boardroom politics and shareholders responsiveness have led to incessant altercation.


Effective leadership and governance is key to the success of any business organisation. Well-organised governance will help your organisation improve financial and strategic goals, ensure assets are protected, and manage the role of the stakeholder and the proper use of funds.



The effectiveness with which boards discharge their corporate and statutory responsibilities substantially affects the performance of their organizations. Therefore, there is need to cultivate and maintain the right balance between the board and management.

This workshop is organized to equip participants with the required skills to strengthen corporate governance system for the attainment of overall organizational goals.

Cutting past the rhetoric and academic hype, the participants will spend the days discussing the components and then draft their own framework



At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify key issues in corporate governance;
  • Highlight key indicators of good corporate governance;
  • Describe the linkage between corporate governance and competitiveness;
  • Describe the board’s responsibilities to all the major shareholders;
  • Identify the challenges of running effective boards in Nigeria; and
  • Describe the challenges of corporate social responsibilities.



The programme is designed for designated Members of staff and Top Management Staff.



  • Overview of Contemporary Issues in Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Governance: The Role and Responsibility of the Boards
  • Corporate Ethics and Values
  •  Corporate Governance Framework for the specific organisation
  • The Principles and Benefits of Board-Management relationship
  • Succession Planning
  • Delegation Governance
  • Work Ethics



The programme will be delivered using formal lectures, discussions, syndicate work and case studies. Audio-visual aids will be used to enhance learning.