Purchasing and Supply Management Course

This training course aims in empowering you with comprehensive knowledge and understanding about Purchasing and Supply Management. This course will support navigating through complex challenges which you encounter in your day-to-day operations and will help to upscale your current capabilities, and further help to equip you better by teaching how to use analytical and logical strategies for smooth functioning of logistics operations.

The main objective of this Purchasing and Supply Management Course is to empower participants to —
Define and establish the strategic role of the purchasing department
Conduct and implement accurate supplier evaluation
Effective negotiation strategies with suppliers
Elucidate the importance of value analysis in purchasing
Build process to improve the efficiency of the purchasing department
Support performance evaluation through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Purchasing a Strategic Function
Organisational Strategy and Purchasing – The Link
Mission Statement – Purchasing
Purchasing Objectives
The Balancing Act – Quality, Service and Price
Definitions Purchasing and Supply
Breakdown of typically organisational costs represented by purchasing of goods and services
Stock and non-stock purchasing
Direct and indirect purchases
Operational expenditure and capital purchases

Supplier Evaluation and Negotiation
Supplier – Negotiation Skills
The Power of negotiation – 13 aspects and qualities
Power and Planning in negotiation
Suppliers – right partnering and ways of promoting good relations
Supplier Performance Evaluation – Factors

Specifying Requirements and Planning
Principles of Purchasing
Pareto Principle – Application in Purchasing
Forecasting Methods in the Purchasing process
Advantages and Disadvantages of Sourcing (single/multi)
Stakeholder and Supplier management
Market Analysis

Value Analysis
Address & Apply Key Strategic Questions (the rule of 16)
Cost Reductions
Optimize Productivity in Purchasing
Role of Purchase Manager – Add Value
Move away from pushing papers to strategic thinking

Preparation – Contract/Agreement
Inclusion of Provisions/Clauses in the international purchasing contract
Legal Counsel to support purchasing process – when and how
Contract terms – Creation process
Basic elements of anti-trust laws and its impact on buyer and seller
Expound Reciprocity and its legal implications
Impact and Risk Assessment
Contract Award process and procedure

Performance Management – Evaluating and Measurement
Approach – centralized versus decentralized
Managing and continuous development – Buyers
Right KPI’s – Purchasing
Policies and Procedures

Obtaining and Evaluating Offers
Bidding and Proposal Solicitations
EDI and VANS to facilitate Purchase process
Understanding concept of price elasticity of demand in purchasing framework
Process of qualifying/prequalifying

Governance of Purchasing and Supply Function
Addressing conflict of Interest
Document policies and procedures that may need urgency
Organisational accountability and reporting for purchasing roles and functions
Codes and Ethics in Purchasing and CIPS code of conduct

All supply chain professionals, Operations managers, Purchase managers, Supply chain managers, Logistics Managers, Finance Managers, Contracts Managers, Procurement Managers
Professionals and Shipping company personnel.