Innovation and Productivity in The Work Place - Skills for Professional Excellence

Professionals will build highly productive relationships that enable successful interactions with other colleagues thus creating dynamic innovation and productivity necessary for today's global market. Participants will develop strategies that are aligned with their commitment to personal improvement and will enable them to become the rare high performer that organisations seek to employ, retain, and promote. Aimed at the driven professional, this Hero training course builds an agenda to improve personal productivity, enhance professional reputation and enable participants to apply innovative work practices. In this training course, participants will realise their strengths and fulfil their true managerial leadership potential.


Amongst a wide range of valuable topics, the following will be prioritized:
Create an agenda to take full responsibility for your life and your success
Create value to the organisation through increased personal productivity
Develop innovative and productive teams
Build momentum for greater success
Generate greater innovation through empowering others
Manage conflict constructively
Fostering a collaborative culture
Build a personalized blueprint to enhance your professional reputation
Be proactive to lead
Take and initiate act

Top mgt Officers, other individuals in leadership and managerial position