Financial Governance for NGO's and Civil Societies


The main challenge of Donor-Funded Projects is to work towards social objectives while making sure finances and funds are managed effectively in accordance with the donor’s requirements. As such, the financial planning and management in Non-Government Organization (NGO) lies in achieving its overall goals and objectives namely:  being accountable to the donors, securing future, eliminating fraud and theft, making productive decisions, enhancing credibility, and strengthening fundraising efforts. So much new have been heard over the years on how NGO’s mismanage funds meant for project and there is the need to address this challenging area.


This highly practical training is designed to promote accountability, credibility, and transparency of periodic donor - funded/ NGO projects with a great emphasis in improving delegates competency in Financial Accounting and Project Finance.



  • Fundamentals of Donor Funded Projects
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • Work Plan, budgets, and cash flow Statements
  • Regulatory & Governance and Risk management requirements of Donor Funded Projects
  • Costing factors of Donor Funded Projects
  • Monitor and evaluate donor-funded projects



  • Board level members who wish to develop their understanding of Donor -funded projects, Professionals working with NGO/ Civil Societies, Corporate governance directors, Internal auditors, Corporate compliance officials, Professionals seeking to develop their understanding of the NGO financial management  



  • Introduction to Donor-Funded Financial Management
  • Costing and Budgeting of Donor Funded Projects
  • Donor Funds Corporate Governance Requirement
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Disclosures
  • Financial Governance in the Third Sector