Credit Analysis and Management /CAM Programme


Credit analysis is a foundational concept in banking. It forms the basis of corporate and retail lending, and also project finance, commercial real estate, trade finance lending, debt capital markets and even managing retail portfolios. This skill is pivotal to those who play a role in corporate, micro or retail banking.  The roles of credit risk impacts everyone.

Credit risk is an interesting, financially rewarding and key issue in Microfinance Bank. The course will provide attendees with the necessary practical knowledge to get started and give a major boost to their organization.

This training and mentoring programme is comprehensively designed to strengthen the capacity of all participants to understand and analyze various risks in lending, appraise credit requests, package and process loans – with focus on micro-credits – and effectively manage the bank’s loan portfolio in their assigned business areas. Critical topics in environmental and business-specific analyses, loan structuring, financial risk analysis, loan monitoring, among others would be clearly treated.

This programme is specially designed to equip loan officers with the right skills and knowledge to successfully lend to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), and therefore achieve the bank’s overall lending objectives.


  • The Structure of Nigeria’s Financial System
  • The Financial Intermediation Process in Mortgage Environment
  • The Major Risks in Mortgage Institutions
  • The Importance of Capital Adequacy
  • Major Banking Laws and Regulations in Nigeria
  • key issues in Mortgage Lending
  • Understanding the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria
  • Qualities of a Good Lending Officer
  • Understanding the Regulatory and Supervisory Framework for Mortgage in Nigeria
  • Digital Banking and Business Lending Fundamentals
  • Credit Risk Analysis: The Credit Process and Principles of Credit (The Canons)
  • Framework for Analyzing Credit Risks
  • The Credit Policy Guide (CPG)
  • Business Analyses – For Lending Officers
  • Financial Risks Analysis –
  • Case Study/ Group Presentations