Emotional Intelligence for Finance Professionals


The brain's emotional centers are involved in everything we think and do and are enormously important in our work. For many Finance Professionals, "emotion" is not part of their usual training and work experience. This can be a career impediment and even make the transition to a leadership position difficult. This course will focus on how EI relates to the work of Finance Professionals.


Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to observe, distinguish, control and appraise our emotions. The aim is to use our awareness of self and others to manage our behaviour and relationships.  This course will help you develop and enhance your EI and communication skills. It will focus on practical skills development that will significantly benefit you in your work and home life.


This training course will feature:

  • Understanding your and others' Emotions
  • The essentials components of Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • The Transition from Finance Professional to Leader
  • Giving feedback the EI way
  • Developing your EI as a Finance Professional



  • All finance professionals in any organisation who are transitioning to a People Management or Leadership role
  • Those professionals who would benefit from an understanding of the topics
  • Anyone recently promoted into a people management role



Why Emotional Intelligence (EI)Matters

  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?
  • EI Competencies for Finance Professionals
  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Assessing your own EI
  • Using the Jo-Hari Window for self-awareness


Transiting from A Finance Professional to People Manager

  • The role of the Finance Professional
  • From financial expert to leader
  • The difference between managing and leading
  • Transformational leadership explored
  • The unique needs of the Finance Professional as a leader


Improving Your EI Competency as A Finance Professional

  • Understanding the psychology of people
  • Improving your own EI
  • Practical ways to improve your EI
  • EI as a Finance Professional
  • Career development SWOT
  • Giving feedback using EI methods
  • Cross-cultural issues
  • Practical skills in listening
  • Using open and closed questions
  • Being EI online